Rolling Stone magazine reports that Sony Music will be releasing another posthumous Michael Jackson album this November.

The as-yet-unnamed album will include 10 unreleased songs, quite possibly outtakes from different albums going back to 1987's Bad.

Ironically, Rolling Stone ends up quoting Tommy Mottola, the former Sony executive with whom Jackson bitterly feuded when he was alive. Mottola, however, supervised Jackson's career during his his glory days, and would be an authority on what unreleased tracks are in the vaults. “Every time that [Jackson] recorded, he over-recorded. He would record anywhere from 20 to 30 songs for each album,” Mottola said last year. “Any of them could have been as big a hit as the ones that came out.”

What known Michael Jackson outtakes do you think Sony Music should include on the November album?

How about this one:

His weird cover of “A Horse With No Name”? (via TMZ): Click here.

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