The Neon Tommy Web site has a hilarious — hee-larious —  peek at L.A. City Hall and its absurd characters as seen by rabble-rousing newspaperman Ron Kaye in a Laugh Out Loud profile today of Kaye, the outspoken Los Angeles Daily News editor-turned blogger.

You will chortle out loud at the bumbling bunch in City Hall (who we at the Weekly also wrote about this morning). So grab some coffee, then go here and enjoy. The best passage by  writer Hillel Aron (in part for its spot-on description of unfortunate Councilwoman Janice Hahn) is this:

Ron frames the local political scene as some lurid, post-modern

neo-noir tale. Mayor Villaraigosa is corrupt. The City Council is

corrupt. The Department of Water and Power is exceptionally corrupt.

They're idiots too. He calls Councilman Dennis Zine “a complete schmuck”

and Janice Hahn “the dumbest person in LA.”

Most people

seem to take Ron's criticism in stride. “I

support the goals that Ron is trying to accomplish,” says Councilman

Zine. “He wants a government that's responsive and effective.” (When

I tell him that Ron has described the City Council as “prattling

mindlessly” and ask him if he thinks that's accurate, he replies, “Not


And here's the best part about Kaye this week — something you should know if you believe in defending yourself against City Hall and its strange doings by acquiring knowledge:

As former newspaper editor Kaye writes on, this morning, he is closely watching Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for events unfolding today.

The party-boy mayor's team of Keystone Kops over the last several days has had the mayor first claiming he needed a big DWP rate hike to subsidize renewable energy, then claiming he wanted a DWP fat hike because the city's nasty and secretive utility monopoly is in fiscal trouble.

Both claims by Villaraigosa have been widely perceived as untrue or exaggerated. As Councilman Bernard Parks notes, the DWP is taking in far more that it spends and groaning with cash — about $1 billion — that it moves around and hides in order to demand rate increases. (Parks is one of five council members who voted against the rate increase approved yesterday by the City Council.)

So it will be a stunner if the mayor is able to salvage his tattered reputation today. Ron Kaye will let you know, and we will too. Keep watching this space.

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