Neon Nash Breaks Down Walls With New Single “Attack On B!tch”

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From Los Angeles, breakout artist and anime fan Neon Nash is sure to start a rumble with her latest track “Attack On B!tch”. Inspired by the 2009 manga and 2013 anime Attack On Titan by Hajime Isayama, Neon creates a battlefield of sound worthy of a titan with a skilled blend of fast paced rap and smooth R&B vocals.

What inspired your latest release “Attack On B!tch”?

Fans of anime are probably quick to realize that my song “Attack On B!tch” now available on Spotify is inspired by the anime Attack On Titan. And I wanted this song to pay the anime justice in every way and I’m so happy with how it turned out, I feel like it definitely did. From the lyrics and references to the specific effects KJ Strock (who also produced for Machine Gun Kelly, Ice Nine Kills and Pop Evil) put in the mix, it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. There are so many references to the anime that I lost count and the extra added effects like the sword fighting sounds and stomps in the bassline just really bring the whole thing together. It’s actually really cool how it evolved. Once we realized that we wanted it to be themed after Attack on Titan, my partner Oliver Rogue and I were reminded of our old YouTube videos and how silly we used to be when we first cosplayed from the show and we just knew that we had to make something funny with it. And that’s how we got the inspiration for the music video and the lyrics themselves.

Is there a deeper message behind the song “Attack On B!tch”?

I’d say the message behind “Attack On B!tch” is to not spend too much time worrying about what other people think. Life is short and your youth only lasts so long, so enjoy it and have as much fun as you possibly can. I can sometimes get caught up inside my own head and give in to my anxiety when I start to think about how other people might view me, but I don’t want those fears to stop me from being my authentic self and having fun. And that’s sort of why this song was inspired by the videos Oliver and I used to make on YouTube. We made the silliest things and didn’t care about being “cringe” or “too much”, we were just having fun and I wanted this song to feel like that again. And between the song and the music video, I think we achieved it.

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You mentioned that “Attack On B!tch” will be getting a music video, can you explain the process behind making that?

The music video was created entirely by myself and my partner Oliver Rogue. We always create things together and my music is definitely no exception, he was also the creator and director behind my last music video for Demon In A Bottle. It of course started in the studio when we were with KJ first creating the instrumental track for the song and as I came up with the melodies and hook for the chorus we both started reminiscing about the funny things we used to do for our Attack On Titan videos. We started thinking up funny visuals for what the music video could look like before the song was even finished and those visuals inspired the direction of the song as well. From then it was just a matter of finding the best locations for the scenes and getting together our friends for the shoot. My boyfriend Oliver was definitely the mastermind behind everything; he did it all from the creative ideations, directing, filming and editing. We work really well as a team like that, and it’s going to be so rewarding to finally release it. Another thing that made it really special is that the group in the video consists of our closest friends in real life and I think it really showed how much fun we all had making the video come to life.

What was the hardest part about making the song or music video?

I’d say of the two, the music video was the hardest to make. I mentioned that it was just Oliver and I creating and making the whole thing and I think that’s where the difficulty lies. I’m an independent artist, so coming up with the resources to make a full length music video for a release is a challenge. But I hope that it shows other new artists that with hard work and effort anything is possible. Even the budget for the video was super minimal, but I think we managed to pull off something that looks good and entertains people. I think overall the execution of the video took about 5-6 days from start to finish; not too bad for just 2 people!

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What are your plans after “Attack On B!tch”? Do you have any new projects coming up?

I’ve definitely got some new releases coming out soon! The next release is related to one of my most treasured anime, so I’m very excited to share that one on my Instagram and TikTok soon. Being a cosplayer for nearly 10 years, the thing I love the most is just being funny and having fun with my friends, so if I can make people laugh with things I create from my music then I will have succeeded.

Neon Nash’s new music video “Attack On B!tch” is out now. 

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