This week's L.A. Weekly cover story goes behind the scenes of the L.A. Coliseum scandal.

The story details how Pat Lynch, the former general manager, became entangled in financial misdeeds with Tony Estrada, a Cuban-born janitorial contractor who claimed to be working for the CIA.

Portions of the story are based on a confidential investigative report prepared by Nedy Warren — who is an unsung hero of the Coliseum story.

Her report is posted after the jump.

In June 2010, prompted by a fallout over a workers compensation dispute, Estrada began making allegations against Lynch and his right-hand man, Todd DeStefano. Warren was hired by the Coliseum Commission later that year to look into his claims.

Warren conducted interviews and reviewed financial records, ultimately concluding that Lynch had “engaged in a long-term transaction which was in conflict with the proper discharge of his duties.”

She reached a similar conclusion about DeStefano's relationship with two EDM promoters.

Other allegations, however, were unsubstantiated. Estrada claimed, for instance, that a Coliseum staffer had staged the workplace accident to drive up his workers compensation premiums. Warren could find no evidence to back up that charge.

As Warren's investigation was underway, Lynch disclosed to the Coliseum Commission that DeStefano was working for both the Coliseum and the promoters. That led the Commission to force DeStefano and Lynch to resign.

The Coliseum Commission forwarded Warren's report to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office, which relied on it in building a criminal case against Lynch, DeStefano, and the EDM promoters.
Nedy Warren Report

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