When Oaxacan artist Alejandro Santiago returned to his hometown of Teococuilco, he was stunned to discover the place nearly deserted. In his years away, most everyone had left in search of work in America or elsewhere in Mexico. Santiago made it his mission to repopulate the place, and thus was born his art project “2501 Migrants.” The town's 2,500 new residents (he's the “… and one”) are actually cast in clay, ragged rocks approximating human form, collectively displayed as the vanished crowd. Yolanda Cruz's documentary 2501 Migrants: A Journey explores the making of Santiago's project, in parallel context to the Oaxacan director's editing of her film. Also screening: Dante Cerano's short video Day Two (Dia dos), on the magical mystery of a traditional P'urhepecha wedding.

Mon., Dec. 14, 8:30 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly