Ladies and gentlemen, barristas and caffeine junkies, start your La Marzoccos: tomorrow is National Coffee Day. (Who decides these things? Imagine a guy at a cubicle, thinking, I know, next Tuesday let's declare National Toast Day. Hey, I like toast; why not.) As you motor around Los Angeles getting your caffeine fix, you may want to keep watch for symptoms of caffeine over-use, here outlined by the Mayo Clinic.

If you've had one macchiato too many at Intelligentsia or sampled too many cups of Clover at LA Mill, just head over to a Panera Bread and take advantage of their “Pay it Forward” program tomorrow, at participating LA and OC locations, in which you can get a second cup of coffee free to give to someone. I.e. do NOT drink it yourself, since you're probably high as a kite anyway by this point. Give it to the sleepy person waiting in line behind you for a bagel. Feel good about yourself. Go get some decaf; read Malcolm Gladwell's excellent 2001 New Yorker piece, Java Man.

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