Nafeel Ahmed, CEO and Entrepreneur, Discusses Multi-Platform Success

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CEO and founder of Ibiza Bar and Lounge, Nafeel Ahmed, has curated a top party destination in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. After over ten years as a self-started entrepreneur, Nafeel has turned his passion project into a thriving business. Ibiza Bar is home to several popular events in Duluth, including their upcoming New Years Masquerade Ball, and Capricorn Bash.

Nafeel remembers that even in his adolescence, he cared very deeply about making the people in his life feel important on their special days, such as birthdays and anniversaries. This interest in celebrations has leaked into his professional life, where Ahmed hosts celebrations that he hopes everyone can enjoy at his lounge bar.

Ahmed worked hard to pave his way as a successful businessman, despite not having the approval and support from his father on his career path. Nafeel and his family hail from the Middle East and are Muslim. His father was disappointed from the beginning and refused to support his career choice.

“This was not the life he wanted for me,” Nafeel explains. “Promoting nightclubs, being in the company of women, and consuming alcohol were all against his cultural and religious convictions.” Regardless of these hardships, Nafeel overcame the judgements of others and his own self-doubt and worked hard on the dream of opening his very own business in downtown Atlanta.

Now, over six years after its launch, Ibiza Bar and Lounge is no longer just a pipe-dream. After completing a million-dollar renovation, Ibiza is back in the full swing of Atlanta’s bustling nightlife, with over 48,000 check-ins on Facebook, and a 4.2 star ratings on Google.

Nafeel also owns and operates three other companies, including GA Slingshot Rentals LLC, ATL Boat Rental LLC, and Atlanta Connect LLC. These businesses are just a few other ways in which Nafeel can help connect with the world around him in an entrepreneurial manner.

Through his luxury rental businesses, Nafeel hopes to build relationships with local musicians and video producers who may need boats or cars for their photo and video shoots. He expresses that he wants to bring the laid-back, high-end Miami feel to Atlanta.

Atlanta Connect LLC focuses more closely with other business people and entrepreneurs who may need help with promotions and marketing. Nafeel has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Marketing and business became a passion for him while he was in high school. Even before social media was relevant, Nafeel worked hard to achieve his goals through other means. He understood the marketing potential that exists by simply distributing flyers, as well as collecting emails and phone numbers to build a physical database of clients.

Through Atlanta Connect, Nafeel can offer these same practices to other small businesses, providing website building and graphic design.

Nafeel’s vision was to create an environment that could be a top party destination in Atlanta, where people could relax and enjoy quality food, drink, and atmosphere. Ibiza Bar and Lounge is the physical manifestation of Nafeel’s dreams. The food and drinks served are a reflection of the namesake: Ibiza, Spain, an island located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Apart from his successful entrepreneurial career, Ahmed is also an active philanthropist. He has run several charity events throughout the years, including a food drive for local homeless shelters, and a toy drive for Atlanta’s children’s center during the holiday season. He also donates proceeds from the New Year celebrations at Ibiza Bar to local homeless relief foundations.

Thanks to Nafeel’s 10 years of experience in marketing and branding as well as his awesome team at Ibiza, the baris one of the most in-demand venues for private events and parties in Georgia. As the business grows, Nafeel aims to bring Ibiza Bar and Lounge closer to the restaurant style business model by offering catering. This process will begin in 2023 and is the first of many steps in building a brand from the dream he started in 2016.

Nafeel speaks of his success and attributes it to his ability to recognize opportunity and take risks. The entrepreneur and business owner is also the head of a marketing social media management company where he helps other businesses expand.

“Success is peace of mind,” Nafeel explains. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what your background is. Self satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

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