Nadu Purrs for Kitten Forever: Los Angeles-based Bangladeshi-American musician Nadu told us about his Kitten Forever experience.

Nadu: The best gig I ever saw was Minneapolis-based Kitten Forever opening for Screaming Females in 2018 at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. I had moved to L.A. a few years before that, into a small cramped apartment in Koreatown – it was all I could afford at the time. One of the few upsides was that I was close enough to walk to the Bootleg to catch a good show.

This all lined up one night when I saw Laura Larson, one of the members of Kitten Forever, posting about the show. I had helped Laura secure a L.A. show for her other band, Scrunchies, about 6 months before that. I genuinely had no idea what Kitten Forever was about, thought it would be a good way to support a fellow musician & it was near home. Win-win!As soon as the three members got on stage & one of them started singing into a telephone mic, I knew we were in for a riotous punk time. But then the real dynamic came into play….they were switching roles from song to song, between bass, drums & singing, seemingly without stopping playing & all the while keeping up the punk tempo….my mind was absolutely blown. I had never seen a band pull off something like this….with this level of energy & complexity…..I simply could not stop dancing for 40 minutes & could not stop thinking and talking about it after. Talking to Laura afterwards felt like I had unknowingly become friends with a celebrity — I left feeling mesmerized & inspired to bring in that level of performance for my next show.
Nadu Purrs for Kitten Forever: Nadu’s single “What Kind of Man” and album 16 are out now.



















































































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