BestGigLargeCeara Cavalieri is a Swifty: Pop-rock singer and songwriter Ceara Cavalieri told us about her Taylor Swift experience.

Ceara Cavalieri: On June 16, 2018, I graduated from UCLA, and my best friend Taylor spontaneously convinced me to backpack across Europe with her the next day. I had never been to Europe, and we both spent the last four years studying nonstop, so of course, I gave in. We traveled to Turkey first, and our second stop was London, where we saw Taylor Swift perform at Wembley Stadium.

Taylor Swift has always been a massive inspiration to me in so many ways, and her Reputation album was my favorite one yet, so I knew I had to see her during her Reputation tour. She’s such an amazing performer, and I have been to so many concerts, but this one was absolutely unforgettable. It was such a beautiful thing seeing everyone sing along to all of her songs, lyric by lyric, and being able to feel how much of a positive effect her music had on them. I remember when she played “Fifteen”, my friend and I started crying because that song was such a big part of our childhoods and got us through so many teen heartbreaks. I also remember looking around, and everyone else was crying as well. It was such a beautiful moment, and I remember feeling so inspired after her concert.

“Bad Thing” is about a relationship in which one person finds out the other has been cheating and confronts them for doing a “Bad Thing”. I wrote this song after I found out that this girl I was dating was cheating on me while at a party. It is the absolute worst feeling finding out that you have been cheated on, and music has always been the number one thing to help me with the healing process. I wanted to make a fun, playful pop-rock song about confronting someone who has betrayed you and teasing them about possibly getting your own revenge while at it.

Ceara Cavalieri is a Swifty: Ceara Cavalieri’s “Bad Thing” single is out now.

















































































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