The mysterious man who eluded authorities this spring after they visited his downtown residence only to find an alleged counterfeiting operation was charged Thursday with an additional seven felonies, including drug sales and forgery, authorities said. Brian Alexik had already been charged with possessing an assault rifle, a shotgun and other firearms. The 34-year-old fled down a fire escape April 19 when authorities came knocking at his loft to investigate a report of mysterious odors.

On Thursday he faced the additional charges, which included forgery and possession for sale of heroin, cocaine, cocaine base, methamphetamine, concentrated cannabis and marijuana.

His April escape made headlines after authorities found counterfeit, $100 bills at his downtown loft, which happened to overlook the downtown U.S. Federal Reserve building. Inside they also found a large replica of the CIA seal. The Los Angeles Times called him a Jason Bourne-like character after the film franchise about a rogue CIA agent.

Police have shown photos of the suspect posing with U2 frontman Bono and self-proclaimed original supermodel Janice Dickinson.

“I think he fancies himself as a super sleuth, as a spy,'' Los Angeles Police Department Major Crimes Division Lt. David Dolan told the Downtown News. “Someone he went to high school with told us he wanted to work for the CIA. But I think that that's what this guy is — he likes to chase the game.''

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