Police this week were searching for a mysterious counterfeiter who fled down a fire escape when they came knocking on the door of his downtown loft April 19. When officers entered the residence they say they found counterfeiting equipment, $15,000 in counterfeit bills, weapons-modification manufacturing machinery, fake IDs, and narcotics, according to the Downtown News.

What really concerned investigators about 33-year-old Brian Alexik, however, was that his residence at the Reserve Lofts had a view of the U.S. Federal Reserve building downtown, according to the Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Mike Downing said, “He escaped like Jason Bourne,” referring to the film franchise about a CIA operative.

The fire department was called to Alexik's home after neighbors complained they smelled gasoline. He had apparently been running a generator as part of his alleged operations. When fire crews couldn't get in, police were called and the door was apparently breached. “A search warrant was obtained resulting in the recovery of illegal firearms, (including an AK47), ammunition, narcotics, fraudulent identification cards and $15,000 in counterfeit US currency,” according to an LAPD statement.

An alleged accomplice, 32-year-old Gregory Koller, was then arrested Thursday following a warrant search by LAPD officers and Secret Service agents at his residence at 38th Street and Grand Avenue. (The Secret Service has jurisdiction over counterfeiting enforcement).

According to the Downtown News, authorities claim to have found some of the same kinds of items found in Alexik's place: Counterfeiting equipment, weapons-related machinery, narcotics. An LAPD statement claims methamphetamine was found.

Alexik is still at large. Three felony warrants — based on suspicion of possession of an assault weapon, possession of sawed-off shotgun and being a convicted felon with a firearm — have been issued for his arrest.

Anyone with information about the suspect, who's 5 feet 10 inches tall, 180 pounds and of Russian descent, was asked to call LAPD Major Crimes Division Det. Daniel Logan at (213) 486-7386. He's described as “armed and dangerous,” so caution is advised.

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