It was a story that captured people's attention this morning because it conjured images of Dog the Bounty Hunter in a reality TV episode gone wrong. The Associated Press reported that a Sun Valley man had been shot in the leg last night during an altercation with three bounty hunters who had come to apprehend him for skipping bail. As of now no one has been identified by name and the one tantalizing bit of information to emerge is that the man was wanted on a “misdemeanor driving under the influence charge.”

It's odd because the L.A. County Bail Schedule for 2009 lists DUI charges starting at a $5,000 bail and going upwards. (See Bonnie Plotkin's comment below.) This implies that the fugitive was wanted for something more — why else would three bounty hunters be in pursuit, with firearms?

“I can't imagine any bail-bonds company sending one bounty hunter out for a DUI jumper, let alone three,” said a spokesman for Acme Bail Bonds. Even, he said, with a much higher DUI bail amount, the spokesman said, “the cost of hiring a bounty hunter would probably be more than the bail.”

A wire report carried by the L.A. Daily News says police are investigating whether the bounty hunters were authorized to carry weapons. The victim is reported to have been hospitalized and in stable condition. So far, no charges related to the incident have been filed by the LAPD with the District Attorney's office.

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