David Bowie
Aladdin Sane (RCA)
Favorite album of all time. That is hard. I have a zillion. But I’ll narrow it down by my favorite artist, which is David Bowie. And my favorite Bowie album is Aladdin Sane because my favorite song of all time is “Lady Grinning Soul.” Mike Garson’s piano solos are epic and put you in a trance. When you listen to the piano solo in “Aladdin Sane,” you’re like “Damn, he’s still going and where is he going to take it next?” The opening to “Lady Grinning Soul” is spell-binding. You can actually see the glitter misting out from the keys. You feel like you’re floating in a champagne glass in disco pants and rhinestone-encrusted platform heels. “Drive In Saturday” is the perfect song to enjoy your first drink and welcome in the weekend and scream out the snarky lyrics “His name was always BUD-DAY.” “Prettiest Star” is perfect for the home-alone afterparty, when you’ve been out with your friends all night and you’re taking drunk selfies in smeared makeup that you will absolutely delete in the morning. “Jean Genie” is a bop. Really, the whole album is sublime.
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