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Tha Carter IV is out today. Big news, right? Well, it turns out that I'm one Kevin Bacon link away from the man himself. It's true. My brother and Lil Wayne once shared a blunt.

The story takes place in early 2005, about nine months before Tha Carter II. It was also before Katrina, and before Wayne moved to Miami. It's a story as much about New Orleans as about Wayne himself. As you probably know, the Crescent City is a tight-knit community. It's especially so when it comes to those who are buying and selling illegal narcotics.

My brother, who was a student at Tulane at the time, wasn't much of a smoker himself. But one time he accompanied a friend of his — who was looking to score an eighth of weed — to a sketchy part of town. As they walked into the dealer's house they saw, to their astonishment, Lil Wayne, sitting on the couch.

My brother and his friend had to compose themselves before they were able to get down to the business at hand. After the money and the bud changed hands, they figured they'd say good-bye, hop back in the car and head back to their off-campus apartment, one good story richer.

But Weezy asked them to stay. “Have some,” he said, waving his blunt in their direction. Now, for college kids in New Orleans — hell, for anyone who smokes weed — this opportunity was quite near the pinnacle of coolness. And so, they sat back down and took a few hits.

“It was really weird and really cool at the same time,” my brother remembers. While a huge Weezy fan, he didn't want to fawn all over him. That's not how it's done in the murder capital, he explains.

In any case, when the blunt was finished they once again got ready to go. Wayne didn't want them to leave, however, instead inviting them to sit down and play Madden '05, the one with the Ray Lewis cover.

But there was a problem.The dealer had a party to attend, and made it clear he wanted everyone out. My brother and his friend were getting the message, but Wayne clearly wasn't. In fact, he had no intention of leaving, apparently intending to smoke the entirety of the purple kush he had purchased. It was around that time that my brother noticed Wayne's red SOLO cup of who knows what, indicating that he was likely too fucked up to even get off the couch if he wanted to.

A feeling of awkwardness descended over the room. Two white Jewish dudes, an increasingly-annoyed drug dealer, and Lil Wayne. How do you tell the most popular southern rapper of his generation to get his ass off your couch?

At this point Wayne began blabbering nonsensically, and before long my brother and his friend decided he was not their problem anymore. They headed out, leaving the dealer to handle the situation.

Upon exiting the house, they looked at each other, a little confused, and quite fucked up themselves. “Only in New Orleans,” my brother said, and the pair headed off into the night.

Writer's note: Mom and Dad, your (other) son is an angel, trust me. New Orleans is just a town of sin.

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