Last month, Grace Jones — who closes out KCRW's 2015 World Festival at the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday — stunned audiences at New York City's Afropunk festival when she not only kicked off the festival with a mesmerizing set at the Fancy Dress Ball, but then delivered an equally powerful (and eye-catching) performance the following evening.

Shortly after Afropunk 2015 drew to a close, Grace Jones was starting to get phone calls about blowing minds in Brooklyn. Except those inquiries and press requests went to another Grace Jones, a Los Angeles-based music publicist who's been fielding a bunch of missed musical connections like this for pretty much ever. 

Jones — not the Bowl-headlining one, the one who represents acts like Courtney Barnett, Bully and a number of artists on the Grandstand Media roster — has never heard from the Jamaican performer's camp, but many have gotten in touch in hopes of getting ahold of the more famous of the Joneses. “I got an email a couple of years ago, and it was basically asking me if I would come and play the opening night of a gay nightclub in Amsterdam,” says Jones, the publicist. “It was asking what my booking retainer would be and what my rider would be. I was kind of tempted to be like, 'Sure!' and walk up all, 'Give me a thousand dollars!'”

As for the possibility of a Jones/Jones business relationship, she'd be all for it, even if that would bewilder people more than it already does. “I would die to do Grace's publicity, although I could never do it — Grace Jones can't be represented by Grace Jones,” she says. “It's a little too confusing for people. I've never heard from her camp. Grace Jones probably wouldn't care to know, to be honest! She's such a presence, I don't think she sweats the small stuff like that. I mean, I've grown up in her shadow, in that sense. I remember being a little kid and hearing Slave to the Rhythm and having no idea what people were talking about. The irony is that my mum named me after Grace Slick, so I actually was named after an amazing female musician — it just wasn't the one that I have the same name as. Grace Slick may not be equally as cool, but she's equally amazing in her own way.”

The post-Afropunk emails have died down at Grandstand HQ, but rest assured the other Jones will get a new flurry of inquiries next week, after her namesake blows minds at the Bowl. (P.S.: If you're Performer Grace Jones and you're reading this, Publicist Grace Jones' birthday is totally the day before your Hollywood Bowl show and you should have a party where the both of you wear Grace Jones name tags and eat cake and become best friends.)

If you can't make it to the Hollywood Bowl for Performer Grace Jones' show this Sunday, you can also catch her at Book Soup on Tuesday, Sept. 29, where she'll be signing copies of her new memoir, I'll Never Write My Memoirs.

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