A lot of bands combine garage-rock influences with punk-rock energy, but The Paranoyds do it in distinctive ways that go beyond mere nostalgia on their 2019 album, Carnage Bargain. The primal guitar riff of “Girlfriend Degree” might evoke early Kinks, but singer-guitarist Lexi Funston takes Ray Davies sarcasm once step further when she declares that she’s not waiting around for a man to come home and define her: “Is  it shocking that I don’t want to please? I’m not another girlfriend groupie.” On the punk-rock burst “Heather Doubtfire,” singer-bassist Staz Lindes intones, “I will have what I want,” before the song culminates in a sludgy, grungy ending lit up by Laila Hashemi’s momentously gloomy sheets of organ. “Bear” is a similarly convulsive hard-rock epic that shifts into psychedelic overdrive with a relentless heaviness. With Slaughterhouse and Kevin.

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