Now 84, English balladeer Engelbert Humperdinck has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance of late, or at least he was pre-COVID. But the man best known for soaring ballads like “Release Me” and “The Last Waltz” isn’t going to let a pandemic stop him. His Engelbert Live livestream will see him engage in a 15 minute Q&A, then perform nine songs, then another Q&A. There’s no stopping him.

“My music and my fans are my lifeblood, and I miss performing and that special connection more than you can imagine,” he told us. “I think it’s apparent in my musing on FB (#Tuesdaymuseday} and my flashbacks on YouTube on Fridays, so I’m reaching out to LA Weekly readers and fans around the world to invite them to a musical ‘Moment In Time’ and see where it takes us.

Every night on the road I’d stroll down memory lane with songs that have touched my heart and found a spot in my life story. I hear so often of how many of these beautifully-crafted songs relate to others’ lives and take on their own meaning, but when you can sing them every night for over 53 years and they still tug at and comfort this old heart, I feel I need to keep sharing. So I want to celebrate the gift of music together and share our stories of where words and melody fit into your tapestry of life.

A good example for me would be how my song “The Last Waltz” seemed as though someone was recording the every move of my first meeting with my wife Patricia at a dance hall. We didn’t want that last dance to be over and saying goodbye until our first date was a memory I shall never forget.  I’ve heard others relate as if they had walked in my spit-shined shoes on that evening at the Palais De Dans.

Tell a friend, invite people you know from faraway places, as the distance is the same for all who attend! Join me and let’s reminisce and as the song says…. ‘The last waltz should last forever’.”

Tune in at noon PT on Thursday, July 23 via Youtube.


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