The best moments on Iceage's 2018 album, Beyondless, evoke the promise of The Saints' Prehistoric Sounds era. Both groups start from a punk-rock base with surly, world-weary vocals that are contrasted at times by a faux-ebullient horn section. Against a noisy hazy of angry guitars crowned by triumphant horns on “Pain Killer,” Elias Bender Rønnenfelt snarls ruefully about a sirenlike muse while guest star Sky Ferreira attempts to soothe him with her backing vocals. The Danish band's heavy passages are contrasted by more reflective tunes, such as the acoustic-driven “Plead the Fifth” and the icy soundscape “Showtime.” English group Shame bring big guitars and big rock ambitions on last year's Songs of Praise, which encompasses majestic, soaring alt-rock anthems (“Friction”), Wire-y outbursts of artiness (“Lampoon”) and post-punk tension (“Concrete”), and sullenly restrained longing (“Angie”).

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