No truer a time, no freer a bunch of musical misfits and no finer an atmosphere in which to find creative inspiration than here tonight — crippling depression and doubt notwithstanding. You’ll marinate in the fucked-up fuzzed-out netherworld of guitar sorcerer Carla Bozulich. You’ll thrill to the return of Glands of External Secretion, a duo featuring World of Pooh guitarist Barbara Manning and Seymour Glass of Bananafish magazine, who once famously wrote his temporary professional epitaph with used diapers across the breadth of a hundred Merzbow records. You’ll call the paramedics to help you through the singular sonic explorations of Sult, coming to you all the way from Norway, you ingrates. Lastly but not leastly, you’ll vibrate to the mysterious strains of Tasting Menu, a musical enterprise the nature of which will be determined by the way your brain cells dance.

Glands of External Secretion plays with Sult and Carla Bozulich at 7 p.m. on Sunday, September 1 at Avenue 50.

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