Time is a stranger when it comes to the work of Mark Hollis, late of English post-punk pop band Talk Talk, and even later of this earthly plane of existence as of February 25. His music — witty and heartfelt and concerned with the natural world as it was — seems very much of its time, and yet somehow instantly transcendent of it. A Tribute to Talk Talk, presented by Aquarium Drunkard, offers you a chance to catch Hollis’ lightning in a bottle; to transcend the paltry particulars of his death and keep his music alive. With Aaron Kyle (of Geronimo Getty), Mirror Man (members of Derde Verde), Dylan Rodrigue, Cari Stevens, and DJ sets by the aforementioned Drunkard, chances are you’ll attain a sort of warm timeless glow that settles for a while and then departs for higher planes of existence.

A Tribute to Talk Talk takes place at 8 p.m. on Monday, August 26 at Gold Diggers.

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