When you're roaming around the desert alongside Mad Max and Warrior Woman, with a Gyrocopter overhead and an Interceptor speeding through the dirt, it can feel like the apocalypse has already come and gone. For moments like Road Warrior Weekend, you need a special selection of tunes. With that in mind, here's a post-apocalyptic playlist to keep on hand.

1. The Sisters of Mercy “Black Planet”

The Sisters of Mercy's take on environmental issues plays like the band's bleak, apocalyptic vision. There's radiation, acid rain and a video tour of the industrial wasteland along the California coast.

2. The Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter”

“Gimme Shelter” is a given for the end of the world. In fact, you might consider it an obvious choice. However, it seemed simply wrong to leave it off this playlist.

3. David Bowie “Five Years”

This song is to remind you of the proverbial good ol' days, when you're only waiting for the end of the world. Just because you're living in the Wasteland doesn't mean you can't be sentimental.

4. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “The Weeping Song”

When I think of life after the apocalypse, I think of Nick Cave. Perhaps the Australian Western vibe is reminiscent of Mad Max movies, sans Thunderdome and Gyrocopter. Regardless, once you realize that you're one of the two men entering the Thunderdome, you may want to cry. Listen to this.

5. Einsturzende Neubauten “Yu Gung”

After the new buildings collapse and you're stuck in the Wasteland, you have to be resourceful. Let Einsturzende Neubauten be your guide and make music out of stray pieces of metal.

6. Modeselektor “Earth”

This audio-visual collaboration between German techno duo Modeselektor and Pfadfinderai focuses on earth as one of the five elements. Driving through the rocky High Desert, it seems fitting.

7. The Knife “Silent Shout”

Imagine yourself as the sole survivor of the apocalypse. You scream, no one hears you. It's kind of like this song.

8. Godspeed! You Black Emperor “East Hastings”

Just about any Godspeed! You Black Emperor piece is good for a post-apocalyptic soundtrack, but “East Hastings” is particularly epic. A portion of this track was used in the movie 28 Days Later. This version is a fan-made mash-up utilizing Apocalypse Now.

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