Murs Rocks the Roxy: L.A. rapper Murs is a member of the Living Legends group, and has worked on a number of collaborations (notably with !Mayday! on the !Mursday¡ project).

More recently, he’s been focussed on his solo work, putting out the Love and Rockets, Volume 2: The Declaration full-length album. One assumes it’s a sequel (with a decade gap) to the 2011 album Love and Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation. Expect plenty of tunes from those projects at the Roxy.

Back in 2014, Wreckonize of !Mayday! told this writer that, “We’ve been fans of Murs for a long. We had a common bond with Strange Music. We’d been signed for about a year, and Murs fit perfectly on a song that we had called “Hardcore Bitches.” We started linking up here and there, and we joked around about doing a project. It sparked up on Twitter between Bernz (of ¡Mayday!) and Murs, and fans started jumping on it. So we did a collaboration album.”

It’s good to have friends.

Murs Rocks the Roxy: The event takes place at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, November 24 at the Roxy Theatre.

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More from the 2014 interview:

How has the tour been going so far?

W: It’s been good, man. It’s been a little cold for all of our likings. I guess only the Kansas City on our bus are used to this, but the weather in the beginning was terrible. Very cold. We’ve had some great shows. Seattle was great. Madison, Wisconsin, was great. Tucson was awesome. We had fun in Vegas. Fort Worth, Texas, was a good one. We’re in the home stretch and we’re just trying to keep the energy up right till the last show.


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