Multi-Talented Worldwide Hero Takes On Most Challenging Role Ever To Climb Mt. Everest

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Renowned counterterrorism expert and former intelligence operative from Multi Operational Security Agency Intelligence Company (MOSAIC,) Tony Schiena, is taking fans on the most exciting, challenging and daring adventure he has ever encountered as he climbs Mt. Everest.

Tony has already started his ascent alongside world record holder Kami Rita Sherpa and Ukrainian Climber Antonina Samoilova. Kami, who holds the record for climbing Mt. Everest 26 times and will now be attempting his 27th summit with Tony. Kami has a personal tie to the mountain as his father, Mingma Tshering Sherpa, was one of the first professional guides on Everest when Nepal opened up to international climbers in 1950.

Tony who’s a former intelligence operative and CEO of MOSAIC (, is a US based defense intelligence company staffed with former senior CIA, NSA, DIA and FBI agents. MOSAIC was active in the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Tony has a long history operating in the eastern bloc and had taken an aggressive stance against Russia from the beginning of the invasion. Tony was drawn to creating a documentary that he feels will help uplift the Ukrainian people. Tony made headlines around the world for exposing the chemical weapons ISIS was using against the Kurds. He collected evidence and helped train Kurdish special forces in escape and evasion to help fight against these chemical attacks.

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More about Tony Schiena:

Tony Schiena, a name synonymous with the intelligence sector, counter terrorism training, counter human trafficking, security for conflict areas and martial arts or more succinctly defensive tactics for special forces operators. A man of diverse experience and accomplishment, having been operational in various capacities on four different continents. A former veteran of the African intelligence and paramilitary community, he was first recruited and operated during a pivotal part of South Africa’s history, in which it averted an imminent civil war, abolishment of apartheid and smooth transition of government. Tony has since served in various capacities in the private security sector as well as aiding government and various law enforcement agencies. Tony Schiena’s production company Backbone Pictures joined forces with Lionsgate earlier this year, producing the action movie “The Weapon”, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. They are currently filming a documentary about a female Ukrainian climber, Antonina Samoilova, who successfully mastered Mount Everest and K2 last year and is now attempting to climb Everest again, taking a stand against Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

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