Multi-Talented Investor Babak Rabiee Shares His Wisdom For Success

Babak Rabiee is a successful entrepreneur, art collector, blockchain enthusiast, and investor. Babak is the co-founder and CEO of Sahara Protocol, the first dedicated privacy protocol ecosystem that enables on-platform trading between volatile and stable assets. The multi-faceted entrepreneur is also the co-founder of Lightbulbman, the digital art revolutionist, where you don’t just own a rare collectible but also become part of the Ethereum blockchain’s NFT technology.

Babak was intrigued by technological developments, particularly with the blockchain in 2013, and since then, he has never turned back. With no background in the sector, Babak took it upon himself to learn about the industry, buying and reading books while watching YouTube tutorials. A determined individual, it didn’t take him long to grasp the intricacies of the crypto world, gaining himself a profound understanding of Bitcoin.

Though he has faced numerous challenges, Babak is a self-motivated entrepreneur who remains fully dedicated to his goals. He is also helping others realize the investment opportunity presented by cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-powered collectibles such as NFTs. Babak often shares his wisdom as he believes everyone has an opportunity to find success, and some only need someone to show them the way.

Babak strongly believes in keeping your eyes open for possibilities. He learned this from his life-changing experiences, which is why he emphasizes the necessity of staying informed, critically considering what you read, and being ready to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Babak believes the more knowledge you have, the more solutions you can explore. Babak states that the Darkweb piqued his curiosity, and he wanted to learn everything he could about Bitcoin and how it functions. Having precise goals in terms of short-term objectives is necessary, especially in the early stages of your career.

Also, Babak advises to not allow your lack of experience prevent you from getting started on a new venture. This is a mistake that many people face and one of the major reasons they never start working on their dreams.

“I got involved in crypto without even knowing what it was. There appeared to be a lot of good trading to be done. You will be able to develop the necessary skills and information as you proceed if you are a quick learner who is enthusiastic about the end objective you want to achieve,” Babak explains

Success is a result of many small wins, and that’s why Babak advises ensuring your motivation goes beyond money. His goal has never been to make a lot of money but to create something he was passionate about and a company that would be successful. For him, the goal has always been to learn as much as possible and find a vocation to meet his needs.

Babak wants to continue providing the community with life-changing experiences and help them develop long-lasting careers by using modern technology. His ambition as a tech entrepreneur is to create technology that solves issues, improves, and simplifies people’s lives, and generates revenue.

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