Muhammad Iftikhar Launches a One-Of-A-kind News Company


Online news has become increasingly popular in recent years, with so many new news outlets establishing themselves. This trend has been largely linked to online news being much more convenient, cheaper, and providing quick and easy access to reports on current events. Online news is portable—you can read articles from anywhere and share them with your friends through social media. But the biggest problem with online news is misinformation. There are a lot of fake and misleading news stories, and it has become hard to know what is really happening around the world. This is what drove business mogul Muhammad Iftikhar to start his media and news company, Burj News.

Like many, Muhammad was tired of searching for a reputable and unbiased news source. The only options he found didn’t cover international news. Most online news sites that claim to be international rarely cover news from third-world countries, and to get the latest news from these countries, you have to check local sites.

Burj News is a neutral news network covering news missed by mainstream media. It has a section for “world” news where they post the latest entertainment, political, and sports news from around the world. They also have a section for “local” news. The segment has everything happening in Pakistan, from celebrity gossip to sports, business, and politics.

Burj News provides something for every news consumer. Their articles are written in English and Urdu to cater to their Pakistani readers. The Urdu section has different stories from around the world, all written in Urdu.

Their unique approach to news reporting has enabled them to quickly cement their spot, becoming one of Pakistan’s leading media and news companies. Burj News has a following of 108K on Instagram and over 5,000 on Twitter, which is a great accomplishment for a young media company. They share snippets of trending topics on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, making it easier for their online community to keep tabs. Burj News has a team of writers and editors who post on their news sites and social media platforms. To make their news more accessible, they attach a link on their posts that redirects you to the detailed article.

According to Muhammad Iftikhar, their goal is to build a solid news site that provides in-depth quality news from around the world. Muhammad wants to create a platform that will give everyone a voice regardless of financial status, gender, or race.

There have been media bias issues that put ordinary citizens at a disadvantage. Unless you are well-known and have the money to pay the reporters/writers, getting your story out to the public is hard. Burj News is now giving everyone a chance to tell their story while ensuring you stay up to date on current events. They bring you factual breaking news and viral news from Pakistan and around the world.

Burj News has offices in Pakistan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Their delivery skills, how they have utilized social media, and their use of the latest technology have made them one of the most popular e-news sites in Pakistan. Muhammad Iftikhar says their goal is to become one of the top 10 news agencies in the world as they fight media bias and fake news.

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