In the answer-seeking aftermath of the Dark Knight massacre, many have fingered Hollywood as a prime suspect: Was alleged shooter James Holmes so numbed by blood and gunfire in the movies that he became capable of blasting a theater full of innocents?

In a creepy interview this morning with CBS Los Angeles, Diggity Dave — a former “accessories master” for MTV's Pimp My Ride who dabbles in alt-metal and campy horror films — says he believes his yet-to-be-released film The Suffocator of Sins may have inspired Holmes' death rampage.

Not sure why Diggity Dave would admit that to the world. But he makes a pretty solid case:

The L.A. singer/filmmaker tells CBS2 that a man calling himself James Holmes phoned him in June, acting all starstruck and claiming he'd watched the Sins trailer hundreds of times.

We quote:

“He would tell me what he really liked about the trailer. He kept pressing if I could give him more information on the story. He wanted to know how many people Batman kills. He wanted to know if it was selective killing. Does he make a list of people he wants to kill or is it a mass body count?”

Diggity Dave.; Credit: MTV

Diggity Dave.; Credit: MTV

James Holmes.; Credit:

James Holmes.; Credit:

Dave goes on to tell reporter Charles Feldman that the caller was obsessed with the characters in his Batman spinoff — “not just the character of Batman, but the villains, too. He talked about the Joker.”

CBS2 reports that “some have said the YouTube trailer resembles a crowded movie theater.” We're not really seeing that, but it's plenty sick and twisted to set off the imagination of a madman:

In case you've been hiding under a rock: After allegedly killing 12 moviegoers and injuring 58 more in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater earlier this month, Holmes, who grew up in Southern California, reportedly told cops he was the Joker. His hair is died a sickening shade of blood-orange.

The plot description for Dave's indie film could easily have been Holmes' manifesto:

The movie was shot on Alexa cameras and was written, directed and stars Diggity Dave from MTV's Pimp My Ride and Discovery Channels Battleground Earth. This is a movie set in a dark visceral world where the lines blur between redemption and provocation to what separates the hero's from the villain's. The story is about a singer in a popular band in the morally bankrupt city of Bedlam named Davy Vain whose whole life has been a montage of pain and inner suffering because of the deaths of his beloved parents who were struck down by a senseless criminal when he was a child. Davy was forced to grow up in an orphanage and upon entering manhood he has forever been teetering on the road that straddle's both heaven and hell and that is paved with the torn out hearts of the good doers by the gathering of the fringe. Until one night Davy accidently stumbles upon the murdered martyr of the city that is sewn to the suffrage at the hands of a faceless enemy that he comes to realize that it's his one chance to make a difference and bring redemption to the hundreds of victims that have no voice's echoing in the halls of justice and to resurrect the ghost of his father who served as a police officer and was murdered in the line of duty. He soon loses himself in a murderous masquerade and finds himself transformed into a full blown vigilante that sends him on a downward spiral in search of a demonic idol who is Bedlams biggest DJ and the proprietor of the cities hippest underground night club. But when Davy discovers that the patron saint with the black face paint is not a phantom lost prophet but a degenerate murderer, junkie and menace of depravity. He quickly finds himself on a collision course with the truth, the loss of the cities trust and a testament that sometimes you have to burn down the town in order to save the city. We are not touching on Bruce Wayne's Batman as this is a different spin on a new character. Please visit

Either this is an elaborate (and entirely inappropriate) hoax to drum up press for an obscure straight-to-DVD movie, or this fallen MTV star could end up front and center in Holmes' highly anticipated trial.

We've contacted Diggity Dave for comment. But he does give this strange and final detail to CBS: “Dave said he was contacted by someone claiming to be from the Denver Police Department, but could not be sure if it was a prank call or a journalist pretending to be an officer.”

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