The missing Gorilla we told you about last week has come home. The 30-foot blue inflatable animal reported missing from First Kia in Simi Valley showed up atop nearby Royal High School and could have been the subject of a senior prank, according to reports.

While we suggested that the big guy be called Thrilla for lack of a nickname, we have learned the $4,000 ape is being called Mr. Pickles. By the way, prank or not, taking the animal from the dealership is still grand theft. The dealership doesn't want to press the matter, however, according to Fox 11 News.

It seems to be enjoying the publicity and has even suggested having a “Mr. Pickles Day” at the high school. What we want to know is how those seniors blew this inflatable up. Their cheeks must hurt.

Seeing that the school's mascot is a Scottish Highlander, we think Royal High would crush the competition by adapting a gorilla as its symbol instead.

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