In honor of the Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band show at Spaceland tonight, West Coast Sound is pleased to present a brand new, exclusive holiday track from Seattle-based quintet.

The band's self-titled debut came out on Dead Oceans earlier this year, turning quite a few heads with its exuberant mix of folk ramble, pop bubble and spiraling math rock guitars. It also helped that drummer Marshall Verdoes was 14 at the time, and is both the adopted brother and de facto son of band leader Benjamin Verdoes (and his wife, Traci Eggleston, also in the band).

But all confusing work/live family dynamics aside, we've a new song to share, so here it is. Word is this one will end up on a limited holiday CD-R release to be sold at a Seattle show later this month, so this may be your only chance to pick it up through non-shady means. Though “Inuit” contains references to Christmas carols and falling snow, it's hardly a novelty track. Hear for yourself.

Download: Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band – “Inuit” (MP3)

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