If you live in Nancy Silverton's neighborhood or, to be more specific, the vicinity of her new Mozza 2 Go restaurant, you doubtless know that you can now get her near-legendary pizzas delivered. Many years ago, one's hipness in this town was measured by whether one lived in the 90210 area code, or maybe it was along the chic corridor of Melrose Place, or maybe it was just south of Sunset Boulevard's Maginot line. Whatever. The rent might have been astronomical, the rah-rah factor absurdly high, but was the pizza any good?

These days what matters is whether you're inside Zone 3, which is the farthest Mozza 2 Go currently delivers. This puts you within a target area roughly defined by Doheny to the west, Hoover to the east, Pico to the south, and somewhere not quite exactly outlined just north of the Hollywood Bowl.

If you live outside of that perimeter, Mozza has future plans for you (see the rough concentric rings expanding out from Mozza's Melrose-and-Highland epicenter, like ripples from a very large dropped orange Croc). Silverton says that eventually they'll go out even further, to 4 and 5 and even zone 6. But for now you'll just have to valet park like everyone else. Those who live the closest to Mozza have the added benefit of cheaper delivery, as the prices go up the further away the drivers have to travel. Delivery prices also decline on orders over $100. The upshot of which is, I guess, to live close by and eat a lot.

On the computer at the restaurant–the entire complex now occupies a goodly part of a city block, between the Pizzeria, the Osteria, Mozza 2 Go and the as-yet-unopened pizza school–there is a program which tells you, if you type in an address, whether it and thus you are in the zone, and therefore eligible for delivery service. Better than TMZ.

Mozza 2 Go: 6610 Melrose Ave., Hollywood; (323) 297-0100.

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