Moxy Management’s Meticulousness Helps its Models Thrive

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“Attention to detail is of utmost importance when you want to look good,” famed fashion designer Carolina Herrera once said. While Herrera’s words were seemingly catered toward connoisseurs personal style, the tastemaking maven’s wisdom can likewise be applied to an all-together novel form of self-presentation: influencing As social media’s ubiquity continues to pervade even the most mundane aspects of everyone’s day to day lives, up-and-comers looking to make a living off of popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok must keep a sharp eye on the quality and perception of their content to keep followers loyal and engaged. Luckily for influencers everywhere, one up-and-coming talent agency is looking to make cross-platform social media domination easier than ever before: meet Moxy Management, the full-service management team behind some of the most buzzed-about influencers of modern day.

Rather than taking on an overwhelming number of models onto its roster, Moxy Management selectively picks and chooses each individual it recruits to represent to ensure both their dedication to the influencing lifestyle and the initial fan demand for further quality content. Once on board, Moxy Management’s dedicated team then begins to home in on what makes each specific talent a bonafide social media star, strategizing subsequent posts and stories based on their own unique authenticity.

“From the very beginning, we have hand-picked all of our clients in a very calculated manner,” revealed Moxy Management’s founders, Slater Davis and Ryan Nassif. “Our criteria is extremely selective because we want to be able to give each client unparalleled individual attention and are determined not to spread ourselves too thin. We prioritize getting to know our clients and their individual needs, as well as their fans’, so that we can truly help cultivate their online presence.”

Moxy’s trademark thoroughness is evident throughout all of its management choices, curating distinct plans for each of its models that have all-together bolstered their cross-platform success. By increasing its talent’s personal connection and engagement with fans, thus bringing this audience over to paid content channels, Moxy Management has boosted its board to unrivaled levels of fiscal prosperity.

Taking its clientele-first approach one step further, Moxy Management provides everyone it represents with the premier tools to grow these financial gains into a long-term fortune. From facilitating lucrative brand partnerships to giving access to in-house business advisors and wealth management experts, Moxy’s devotion to its models is evident throughout every step of its comprehensive practice.

“As our client roster grows, so does the size of our team in order to be able to give each of them the attention they deserve,” said Davis and Nassif. “No matter how large we become, we are dedicated to maintaining our original ‘boutique’-agency mindset.”

As social media continues to grow and new influencers pop up in tandem, Nassif and Davis’s Moxy Management is sure to continue attracting the top tier clientele-of-the-moment thanks to its hands-on and diligent approach to the world of influencer management.

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