A belated sequel to Morgan Spurlock’s attention-grabbing 2009 documentary Super Size Me, Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! finds the filmmaker and humorist starting his own fast food chain as a means to assessing the reputation of “the most eaten animal on the planet.” In a style pioneered by Michael Moore, the jokey journalist (who chronicled the damage of eating at McDonald’s for a month in his first film) centers himself in practically every scene on a discursive journey through America’s late capitalist landscape. Among his discoveries are the “health-washing” of greasy foods, the transmogrification of the term “fried” to “crispy,” artificial grill marks placed strategically on meat, and other unsavory truths. YouTube Red dropped the film in 2017 after Spurlock preemptively admitted to a history of sexual misconduct at the height of #metoo. The film is now being released through Samuel Goldwyn Films, and will be available On Demand TV after its theater run.

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