Teacher concerns a preppy English teacher (David Dastmalchian) at a posh suburban high school who witnesses a fight break out between two students. The chief aggressor is a jock with a rich dad (Kevin Pollack, in one of his best roles in years) whose prominence in the community makes it difficult for disciplinary action to be carried out. His desire to protect the bullied student extends into vigilante territory, instigating a downward spiral. Adam Dick wrote and directed this slow-burning low budget thriller.

Laemmle Glendale, 206 N. Maryland Ave., Glendale. Opens Fri., Aug. 2, various showtimes; $9-$12. (310) 478-3826, laemmle.com.

Also opening this week: Coyote Lake, Kings of Beer, La Flor, Ladyworld, Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa, Piranhas, A Score to Settle, Tel Aviv on Fire, Them That Follow. Love Antosha, The Nightengale


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