First Olympus, then London, and now Angel Has Fallen. Gerard Butler reprises his role as Secret Service agent Mike Banning, a stalwart husband and loyal bodyguard to the POTUS. Following an ambush in which the commander in chief (Morgan Freeman) is attacked and nearly killed by a hailstorm of drones, Banning is wrongfully arrested for the assassination attempt. He escapes, however, and makes his way home to his wife (Piper Perabo) with a legion of feds on his tail. There is something pleasingly retrograde about this earnest, medium-octane, $80-million action thriller, which features a strong supporting cast in Jada Pinkett Smith, Tim Blake Nelson, Nick Nolte and Danny Huston, among others. Former stuntman Ric Roman Waugh takes up the directorial duties.

Also opening Friday, August 23:

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