For those who have wondered where the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence and hash would meet, look no further than Mountain Man Melts’ latest flavors ahead of the 7/10 holiday.

This popular hash company has taken a fun step into the realm of AI, leveraging its capabilities to create captivating labels and push the boundaries of creativity.

When some of Mountain Man’s usual design team found themselves swamped, taking longer than expected to deliver labels for new flavors, Joseph, Pat’s trusted right-hand man, came up with an intriguing idea—to harness the power of AI. They quickly realized the potential.

According to Pat, the founder of Mountain Man, the initial results were impressive. “It actually works pretty well,” he told L.A. Weekly, clearly pleased with the outcome. Mountain Man has always strived to differentiate itself with unique and eye-catching labels, and the AI collaboration allowed them to explore uncharted territory while maintaining their commitment to vibrant and rich colors.

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Pat from Mountain Man Melts

Inspired by this newfound creative tool, Pat pitched the idea of a lemon wearing sunglasses in front of a rainbow to the AI. Within no time, they received four versions of the concept. While the initial iterations were generally on point, some adjustments were made to fine-tune the proportions to their liking. Eventually, they were able to seamlessly transfer the AI-generated images onto their product jars, giving each flavor its distinct visual identity.

However, the real test of the AI’s capabilities came when it was time to create a label for Pat’s favorite strain, Fatso. Known for its intense gas and funk, this strain posed a unique challenge for the Mountain Man team. They had to be clever in their approach, as they couldn’t simply ask the AI to depict a “fat kid being abducted by a UFO” due to its potentially insensitive nature. Instead, they described a child with similar proportions to Cartman from South Park. The AI delivered beyond their expectations, resulting in a label that Pat proudly slapped as one of his favorite flavor in the recent batches

The integration of AI in Mountain Man Melts’ creative process has proven to be a game-changer. In just a day, they were able to complete labels for four different new flavors, a task that would have taken considerably longer without AI assistance. They then entrusted the final designs to their skilled designer, who ensured that everything was laid out properly and formatted correctly.20230625 153010

“The homie still helps us, and then we just get it done a lot faster,” Pat shared, reflecting on the remarkable efficiency AI brings to their workflow. While the speed at which they achieve results feels almost like cheating, it undeniably benefits the company as they strive to keep up with the demands of its expanding customer base.

Mountain Man Melts is eager to continue exploring the possibilities of AI-generated art in their future flavors. As they enter the early stages of the summer light dep harvest, they anticipate incorporating even more AI-generated designs into their product lineup. The harvested cannabis material, carefully selected from the bountiful hills of The Emerald Triangle, will find its way into the freezers of Mountain Man Melts, where it will be transformed into exotic hash with the help of their expert team.

Pat expressed his admiration for the evolving capabilities of AI-based imaging tools, noting the freedom it provides to conceptualize ideas without being restricted by the cost of someone else’s time. Whether he desires artwork reminiscent of Van Gogh’s masterpieces or any other imaginative concept, AI enables him to explore uncharted creative territories.

As our conversation progressed, Pat couldn’t contain his excitement for the forthcoming 7/10 holiday—a date cherished by hash enthusiasts around the world. Often regarded as the headiest holiday on the cannabis calendar, 7/10 has become the pinnacle celebration for connoisseurs of hash. Pat personally favors 7/10 over the traditional April festivities, recognizing its growing significance within the cannabis community.

This year’s 7/10 holiday promises to be Mountain Man’s biggest celebration to date. The company has been steadily gaining more shelf space and expanding its presence across the state. Their willingness to put themselves out there, both through their exceptional products and personal interactions with potential customers, has played a significant role in their continued success. In an industry where traditional mainstream public relations channels are often unavailable to cannabis companies, personal interactions serve as critical touchpoints for establishing rapport and loyalty.

With the integration of AI, Mountain Man Melts has found an innovative way to captivate customers and push the boundaries of creativity within the cannabis industry. As they eagerly prepare for the 7/10 holiday, their dedication to producing the finest hash and engaging with their audience sets them apart, ensuring that Mountain Man remains at the forefront of this exciting and evolving industry.

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