We have about a week left to find a Mothers Day gift for perhaps the most special woman in our lives. Though most of us don’t mind shelling out the most that we can for our moms, this year’s Mothers Day spending will cost an average of $275 per gift!

Find out what Americans will be purchasing for their moms.

What 2023 Mothers Day Spending Will Be Like

The National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytic (NRF) recently released their annual survey, and it says that 84% of Americans are expected to celebrate Mothers Day — and a total of $35.7 billion is anticipated to be spent on their moms this coming holiday, with an average of $275 per person; in 2022, the average was around $246 (and a total of $3.6 billion).

Merchants will most likely benefit from Mothers Day spending from people in their mid-30s to mid-40s — this age group is expected to purchase an average of $383 for their moms. On Mothers Day, jewelry stores will most likely earn the most this Mothers Day. It’s said that a total of $7.8 billion will be spent on jewelry. But restaurants and electronic stores will also be busy — as $5.6 billion will most probably be spent on brunches and lunches, and a total of $4 billion will be spent on gadgets.

Mothers Day Spending: What Will People Buy for Their Moms?

Most Mothers Day spending trends remain the same. Just like in 2022, flowers and greeting cards remain the most popular Mothers Day gifts. 74% of those who will celebrate Mothers Day will buy flowers for the moms in their lives; 74% will also purchase greeting cards. 60% will also spend time with their moms by having brunch or lunch with them.

Interestingly, despite price increases on just about all consumer goods and services (because of economic inflation), most of us will still step up to the plate to pamper our moms and other special ladies. According to NRF President Matthew Shay, “Mother’s Day provides Americans with an opportunity to honor important women in their lives,”

“As people make plans to celebrate this year, retailers are prepared to help shoppers find gifts of appreciation and admiration for those they want to recognize on this special day.” Matthew Shay added.

But What Do Moms Really Want for Mothers Day?

LEGO Group and Moonpig commissioned a survey (that OnePoll conducted) and they asked moms how they actually want Mothers Day to be celebrated. Unsurprisingly, 58% of the moms just wanted free time — and to be able to “drop everything” even if it’s just for one day. And if they’re given that, 44% said they’d watch TV, 42% of them said they’d spend time reading a book, and 30% who were surveyed said they’d spend Mothers Day doing whichever hobby it was that they’re into.

Perhaps a few of the surveyed moms have younger kiddos — because 10% said they’d love to spend time in the bathroom by themselves! However, moms are moms — that’s why 51% said this Mothers Day spending time with their loved ones is still their preferred way of enjoying the holiday.

As for why “free time” is on the majority of the surveyed moms’ Mothers Day wishlist, it’s because 65% of them are too caught up with work, and 58% were too busy with chores. There you go! Turns out, moms really can’t catch a break — even though they very much deserve it!

The Bottom Line

Mothers Day spending is at an all-time high — but most of those who are celebrating don’t seem to mind it that much! After all, it’s for their moms. However, it turns out, most moms think that time is the most valuable gift — whether it’s to spend time with their loved ones, or to spend time all by themselves. Either way, whichever “time” your mom prefers, it’s best that you give her that this Mothers Day 2023. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying her gifts! It’s practically a Mothers Day tradition anyway.


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