It’s time our annual list of the best drugs for Mom and this year features the highest championship pedigree per capita of any collection of recommendations we’ve put together in some time.

We want to help you load up mom with some real deal world-class products this year. We’ll do a separate flower list of the heat you can get around town, but here is a rundown of all our other favorite products for Mother’s Day 2021: The Pandemic Weed Moms Part Deux.

OM & Feeling Frosty Vegan Rosin Gummi, Watermelon

Remember when we told you the Mixed Berry version of this offering from Om and Feeling Frosty was heat in our Valentine’s Day guide? Well, two months later it went on to win The Emerald Cup. As with all of its categories, the edible contest serves as the de facto world championship for legal edibles. So for Mother’s Day, we’re recommending the watermelon flavored version. Time and time again people come at us to check out gummies, but they never feel like they’re made with the same love as Om. Sure those new offerings are high-tech, effective and tasty. But everything at Om is was made with the exact same championship pedigree. It transcends the products themselves individually at this point. You taste and feel that difference in the gummies too against the marketplace.

Kiva Espresso Bean

A lot of the excitement at Kiva gets lost behind the lineup of gummies and blueberries that steal the show these days, and we get it, they’re pretty dope. But Kiva Espresso Beans premiered to the world not long after they first convinced us microdosing was a viable business plan before it was mandated by law. Now, all we can do is microdose, so might as well hook mom up with the folks that were doing it first. Tanzanian coffee beans are micro-roasted then covered in dark chocolate. The beans are sourced through Andytown Coffee Roasters up in The Bay.

Buddy’s Chocolate Haus

In March we told you that Buddy’s Chocolate House was probably the most underrated weed chocolate or maybe anything in the game. Well again like Om, the judges at the Emerald Cup agreed with L.A. Weekly on this one. Buddy’s took home three spots in the top ten for their Strawberry, Oreo, and Munchie flavors. We’re team Munchie here at L.A. Weekly for sure, it’s like a weed Crunch bar. We’re sure your mom is going to love it, just like seemingly every other person we’ve spoken with that’s sampled Buddy’s at this point. And don’t forget to check out our full profile on Buddy’s from March.

Kush Queen THC

The first wave of cannabinoid-themed bath bombs seemed to focus on CBD. And that’s cool, we’re sure a lot of people loved it. But gen two has the good stuff, which we imagine your mom will thoroughly enjoy providing deeper relief to her aches and pains with the full blessings of the entourage effect and no some random distillate or CBD powder made from an overseas hemp field. The cannabis topical game is a deep rabbit hole of crystals and real deal wook shit once you start getting artisan, but this is a great place for mom to dip her toes in, literally.


Mellows are banging. The popular norcal weed marshmallow confectionery company certainly stands out a ton in a world where everyone is putting the exact same amount of THC in their products. Mellows are also probably one of the top three most visually stunning products all the way through from packaging to product. But they hit too, otherwise, they wouldn’t have found themselves as the only other company besides Buddy’s with three spots in the sweet edible Top Ten at the Emerald Cup. Mellows aren’t as widely available in L.A. yet as some of the other products we reference but you can definitely find them around town.


What do we tell you every Mother’s Day fam? Go buy mom some plants for the yard. Worst case scenario you’ll take care of them and split the pot with her. Best case scenario? She figures it out and gets four pounds per plant, dream big. But in all reality, there is still some time to get a late start to the growing season and get awesome results. Go check out our Annual Garden Guide to get some tips from the pros to get the most out of you and your mom’s effort in the yard this summer.

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