It’s time for the Pandemic Weed, Sex and Chocolate Guide. Our annual cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day list is ready to help you with liftoff on your way to a romantic adventure – not “that” liftoff, but a great time regardless!

Here is a full lineup of chocolate, other edibles and drug-infused sex accessories for your favorite heathen(s) to celebrate Saint Valentine with you!

Om Gummies 

Photo: OM Edibles

Om Cannabis Infused THC Gummies are a great option for that first Valentine’s Day. You can taste the difference in the all-natural products and quality of cannabis Om uses in all its products as we noted in our recent coverage of the Liquid Cannabis collaboration with Cookies. But if you really want to turn it up a notch, the lady of Om says their Love Balm really speaks to the female orgasm, a language some dudes never learn in their lives!

Punch Bar Valentine’s Day Edition

Photo: Chris Martinez

The first chocolate to grace this year’s guide comes from the always poplar Punch Edibles. They always seem to hit the right note with their holiday offerings – not being too tacky, having a good seasonal twist and living up to their name. Punch Bars are a more compact dosage than many of their competitors, so you won’t need to eat as much.

Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs Tincture

Photo: C.A.D.

One of the finest “medicine first” cannabis companies since the days of the medical era, Sacramento-based C.A.D. continues to find itself on the top shelf when it comes to things like tinctures and topicals. There is a popular theme with some of the best cannabis companies being founded by people who were originally just trying to help family members live a better quality of life. The reason is that they bring the same ethos they used to provide for their own families into the marketplace.

Kaneh 1:1 CBN:THC Cherry Pistachio Midnight Chocolates

Photo: Kaneh

Kaneh has an ever-growing spread of chocolate-laced treats to go with their wide lineup that includes some of the more reputable baked goods in legal cannabis. But for Valentine’s Day, we’re recommending the Cherry Pistachio Midnight Chocolates. The CBN adds a super heavy kick for those folks who really like strong edibles and cuddling, because depending on how many you eat, just staying awake to spoon will take too much effort.

Plus Pineapple Express Gummies 

Photo: Plus

So you want to pretend you took that romantic vacation last year to the tropics or reminisce about contaminating the locals after not taking Dr. Fauci’s advice? Plus Pineapple gummies are a great option. They’re one of the more island-flavor profiles, in a sea of generally sweet or sour gummies. They’re made with real fruit and high in a variety of terpenes.

Baked Kookie Hemp Wraps

Photo: High Hemp

While in past years most of our chocolate coverage for Valentine’s Day has been edible, the team at Hemp Wraps is throwing in a fun new twist. Hemp Wraps are a popular alternative to blunts that are really starting to take off. I went in one dispensary where they just leave a box on the breakroom table for the squad. You and bae should buy some heat from the Strains Valentine’s Day 2021 and roll up a blunt.

710 Labs x Dosist

Photo: 710 Labs

Two of the bigger names in the concentrated cannabis space in regard to shelf space for sure, 710 Labs and Dosist teamed up for a new oil and hardware collab that hits it out of the park in pairing 710 Labs above-average quality with Dosist’s tech. I was kind of sketched out when Dosist made the Time products of the year before they launched. But now, a few years removed from that epic feat of public relations, I must admit the tech is solid. The vape vibrates in your hand to let you know to stop hitting it to prevent overheating the terps.

Kiva – Milk Chocolate

Photo: Kiva

The Kiva Milk Chocolate Bar is like the Toyota Camry of weed chocolate. Affordable, a solid quality-to-price ratio, and the same consistency year after year. If you don’t want your new guy or gal (or both) to think you’re high maintenance with all the candy and powdered sugar, the old reliable Kiva Bar has you covered without a doubt. There’s a reason Kiva bars have seen so many competitors come and go over the years.

Chill Chocolates “That’s a Spicy” Chocolate 10mg

Photo: Jimi Devine

What?!? You’re scared you won’t be able to get it up after a whole 100 milligrams of THC?! Fear not, we’re only judging you a little. Chill Chocolates 10mg single doses are the perfect weed chocolate for this kind of scenario. We went with the spicy flavor – the theme of Valentine’s Day – but Chill has a ton of options that come in a single dose.

Buddy’s Chocolate Haus

Photo: Buddy’s Chocolate Haus

This local kitchen is creating exquisite Belgian style gourmet 100mg THC infused chocolate bars. The family-owned true hand-made small batch craftsmanship is always a nice touch with so many people scaling up to meet market demand. In addition to having great chocolate to celebrate with, Buddy’s is an Equity business located in Los Angeles. So you’ll be able to support the movement to empower communities hit hardest by the war on cannabis. We’ll be telling the full Buddy’s tale in a future issue.

Ganja Goddess: Velvet Swing Cannabis Infused Lubricant

Who doesn’t love a little drugs in their lube, right? The topical that’s said to get you the highest is massage oils spread over your whole back that permeate the skin, but I’d imagine the additional possibilities put this in second place. The lube’s creators say it’s a fast-acting, water soluble cannabis-infused lube with a formula that combines the benefits of both THC and CBD with a custom terpene blend to create a serum designed to enhance intimacy.

Product of Los Angeles: Mexican Style Hot Chocolate 100mg

Photo: Product of Los Angeles

Some local chocolate with an Angelino twist, Product of Los Angeles has excellent options to crush your Valentine’s Day sweet tooth, but we’re going with their Mexican Style Hot Chocolate out of appreciation for how unique it is. In a sea of standard milk and dark chocolate variations with a twist here or there, it stands out. Some have called it a bit grittier than milk chocolate, without the sharp edge of super high percentage cacao dark chocolate blends.

Kiva Love Sauce

Photo: Kiva

Chocolate Weed Sex is a real thing this year thanks to Kiva and it’s the reason they scored the ultra-rare double appearance on an L.A. Weekly weed list. It’s standard quality with a decidedly erotic twist. Also, you can get it at Kiva’s new web store at, that way you won’t have your favorite budtender know you’re licking weed chocolate off people or serving as the place setting. It’s not weird! It’s just they’re going to remember for sure!


While weed drinks have generally been popping off a lot more in recent years, the team Artet argues what they’re creating is a cocktail in a can. “The cocktails use Artet’s flagship aperitif as the ‘spirit’ and then thoughtfully layer in juices, extracts and tonics to build a balanced mixed drink,” they note. The two debut cocktails are: Rosemary Jane with Artet, grapefruit juice, young rosemary simple syrup, and sparkling water and the Tet & Tonic with Artet, chamomile-infused tonic and a squeeze of lemon. Each 8 fl oz can contains 5mg each of THC and CBD, allowing for a sessionable aperitivo experience. They’re available at Sweet Flower, Pottery and a variety of other shops around town.

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