Newsflash: Women like to fuck.

This is true of a lot of ladies everywhere, and especially in Los Angeles, a city rife with high-powered females who balance big time careers with 'cross town sexual adventures in the bedroom and beyond.

For deep insights on what it's like to prowl, date and copulate in a town that can be strange, sexy and intense, (sometimes all at once), we've assembled a group of L.A. alpha-females who will weigh in every week on the down and dirty details of where we get it and how we want it.

This week we start with a basic but fundamentally important topic: the favorite sex position.

For any of you who've ever wondered what it might take to make some of the most powerful women in America beg for more:

The Strategist: “It's almost impossible for me to choose a favorite position, but there's one that stands out purely for the memories it has created. I guess this one would essentially be called the standup missionary.

Being relatively tall, there's nothing sexier than when a broad-shouldered man can pin me against the wall with his torso while holding my legs. There's also something so inherently hot about relinquishing any physical power you may have in this situation, especially with the option to wrap your legs around his waist and stare directly in his eyes as he works.

I can recall one particular time when a gentleman of interest took me completely by surprise with this particular maneuver, which resulted in my accidental kicking of a stack of nearby plates.

Doggy-style is fantastic and everything, but if breaking something isn't a possibility, what's the point?”

The Event Director: “Mine would have to be me on top because I can guarantee an orgasm each and every time. My man likes it because he can see my whole body and I like it because I get into a serious rhythm…makes me feel sexy and in control. 

When I'm feeling submissive, like I want to give up all control, I like it best from behind. He controls rhythm and pace and kind of rides me in a way that feels animalistic. Also, I'll play with his balls while he's thrusting….whew, getting me hot n bothered just thinking about it.

One way to really make it hotter is when good music is involved. Something like Phantogram, Hot Chip or Chairlift and, of course, some good-ass weed.”

An ever-popular way to ride.

An ever-popular way to ride.

The Lawyer: “'Lady Style,'” aka'”doggy style.' But I hate that term — I don't want to be compared to a canine while I politely offer my lady business to the man standing behind me. 

I prefer this position for two reasons: 1) It feels good. Hits the right spot without a lot of fuss and awkwardness.  I can't get my legs over my head, but I can kneel down on all fours.  2) There is no need for exaggerated pleasure sex face. When I'm facing the poster on the wall (vs. staring into my lover's eyes), I don't have to worry about if I'm making a 'truly sexy open mouth Kim Kardashian porn face,' or if I've gone too far and am now making the 'about to sneeze but afraid I'm going to snart' face. 

Doggy — er, Lady Style — is all about getting shit done.”

The Metalsmith: “On top, aka the cowgirl…although calling it the cowgirl somehow makes it sound super corny. Regardless, I'm a fan because it allows me to be in control of the situation, for the most part. 

I also find that 90percent of the time, I can achieve an orgasm on top the easiest. Although this is not to say all women can, because I know plenty that can't. For me it definitely has to do with the guy letting me do the work to get there.

I have been known to have foot cramps in this position for some reason, which isn't exactly a good look. So be sure to hydrate and take your multivitamins beforehand.” 

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