By Dennis Romero and Clarissa Wei

More than two months after most of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles were outlawed, the City Attorney's office told LA Weekly that all but 20 to 30 of 439 illicit pot shops have closed their doors or were otherwise shut down.

Most of the dispensaries, says City Attorney's spokesman Frank Mateljian, voluntarily closed. A few, such as the infamous K.F.C. shop in Palms, tried to stay open only get a knock on the door from Los Angeles police.

In June LA Weekly reported that many shops remained defiant in the week after the council's pot-shop ordinance took effect. It allowed 130 such businesses that opened before 2007 an opportunity to stay in the game but otherwise outlawed most of the nearly 600 dispensaries in L.A.

Some shops stayed open, claimed they had closed and were serving only “members” through nonprofit collectives or started storefront-free delivery services.

Police and the City Attorney's office, however, started targeting the holdouts, particularly those that were the subjects of neighbors' complaints.

Twenty or thirty are still open? It'll be interesting to see which is the last shop standing.

LA Weekly