Men are pigs.

And to prove it, an L.A.-based website about all things masculine has unleashed a poll of some of its readers showing that most guys show up on dates ill prepared, e.g. without condoms. Of course, this could just mean that …

… we are being respectful and have discounted the possibility of a first-date home run. Nah, you probably don't believe that for a second.

In fact, Crave magazine, which claims to be the top “destination” for guys online (besides, you know, porn, cars and all the real men's magazines like GQ, Esquire and Men's Health), says 45 percent of its guys don't ask their dates if they've been tested, and 66 percent haven't been tested themselves.


The poll is clearly unscientific: It asked readers to weigh in rather than randomly choosing a scientific sampling of respondents. Two-thousand responses were tallied, though, and we think it has the ring of truth.

Fifty-three percent of the guys who clicked on the poll said when they go out on a date their condom policy is “if I need one bad enough, I'll find one.”

Only about a third, 36 percent, said they're armed with condoms and ready when they go out with a potential partner.

Stay classy, Los Angeles.

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