At least someone's having fun with this year's L.A. municipal elections, even though it's at the expense of City Council District 13 candidate John Choi.

Choi moved into CD 13 in 2012 and has the major backing of Los Angeles County Federation of Labor boss and political kingmaker Maria Elena Durazo and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He's facing former Eric Garcetti aide and longtime Glassell Park resident Mitch O'Farrell. Some community activists in Hollywood, Silver Lake and Echo Park are steamed about Choi's candidacy, charging that he's a carpetbagger with little knowledge of CD 13 and a political pawn for City Hall special interests.

In late March, someone set up a fake Twitter account — the “original parody account,” in fact — and keeps tweeting hilarious stuff that Choi opponents probably love but Choi supporters most likely hate. Choi himself probably isn't too happy about it. Here are some highlights, in no particular order.

1. “#EchoPark has a street called “Glendale Blvd.” Does that make sense? If elected, I'll name an actual avenue after Echo Park!”

2. “Hey everybody! I'm newer on Twitter than I am in #cd13! That must make me a veteran in the community!”

3. “Did you read last week's @LAWeekly article about me? They called me a Man of Mystery. Like Austin Powers! #yeahbaby.”

4. “Today in #silverlake I was trying to get this hipster to vote for me. Turns out he was actually a homeless guy. Oops, my bad. #cd13.”

5. “What's your favorite part of #cd13? Mine is the beach.”

6. “Did you know that #Silverlake was named so due to the abnormally high silver & mercury content in the lake? #tthemoreyouknow #cd13 #facts.”

7. “Phew! What a long, hard day of campaigning! J/K I just stayed at home…all my labor minions did all the work! #cd13.”

8. “Organized labor is influential in the City of Los Angeles. If elected, I will make sure they are omnipotent. #integrity #dedication.”

9. “Today is Sunday. On this day, I would like to give all praises to my Almighty Lord and Savior: Maria Elena Durazo. #amen #testify.”

10. “Mitch O'Farrell might have lived & worked in #CD13 for a long time, but I've been kissing ass all 33 years of my life. #morequalified #LAgov.”

For more, go to John Choi CD13 at Twitter. Choi's political consultant Mike Shimpock told L.A. Weekly he has nothing to say about the “parody” account.

Choi and O'Farrell will face each other in the May 22 runoff.

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