If you're the sort of person who will be watching the NBA finals out in a public venue, you may have your seat at ESPN Zone — conveniently located a few blocks away from the Staples Center — reserved and waiting. You may already be sitting at your favorite sports bar, Laker gear on, watching Rick Bayless's brother on ESPN2, nursing a pint and waiting until tomorrow night. But if you're wanting a 48-ounce porterhouse and a cocktail to go with it, you could do worse than head to Morton's, where they've created a special Laker cocktail with your name on it. Or, well, Kobe's name on it, at least metaphorically.

The drink is available, from now until the end of the series, at all four Morton's locations, including the location on Figueroa, which is also conveniently located close to Staples, should proximity be important to you. If you prefer to watch the games in the privacy of your own home, you can always try mixing up the drink yourself. Turn the page for the recipe. As for what Celtics fans will be drinking, I guess there's always the familiar green beer route.

Morton's Purple & Yellow Cocktail

From: Morton's The Steakhouse

Makes: 1 drink

2 ounce Absolut 100 vodka

.5 ounce Triple Sec

1 ounce orange juice

splash of Sweet & Sour

splash of Rose's Lime Juice

.5 ounce of Chambord

1 purple grape

1 orange wedge

1. In a martini shaker, combine all the ingredients.

2. Shake all ingredients until chilled. Pour into chilled martini glass.

3. Carefully pour the Chambord into the filled martini glass so that it settles at the bottom.

4. Garnish with a skewered purple grape through orange wedge.

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