Max Taves' story Rathouse of the Palisades continues to fascinate and repulse people, and not just those that live in the Palisades. On KCRW, Kevin Roderick said, “hands down the story of the week is the LA Weekly's cover piece on the rat ladies of Pacific Palisades.” Read and listen to his entire commentary here.

Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing said, “It all starts when a young family moved into an expensive little bungalow and discovered that the elderly twin ladies next door were animal hoarders who'd raised tens of thousands of rats. Then it gets interesting, as it transpires that pretty much everyone — the realtor, the town, the former owner — all knew about the rats and had not bothered to mention it to the new owners.”

If you still haven't read it, watch this:

After the jump, some comments left by people who've read the story. Or click here to read it yourself.

I thought I had a problem with an abundance of red squirrels.

Posted on Thursday, July 31, at 3:42 am by northstar

The local gov is just as responsible as those old ladies. GOOD GRIEF! thats ridiculous the local officials don't do anything! i'd see about sueing each and every gov organization involved and the individual gov reps involved.

Posted on Thursday, July 31, at 4:26 am by Rick Horan

Absolutely creepy. It's like something out of a horror movie. Not only the core of the story, the women living with rats, but the fact that everyone except the Denhams are looking the other way. I don't blame the wife for saying that she hopes the ladies are in the house when they tear it down. I would have moved out the first day. CA seems so whacked.

Posted on Thursday, July 31, at 11:43 am by Karen

Oh yeah, and KNBC did a story about the sisters and rats on August 1, making sure not to mention the LA Weekly at all. Nice one fellas.

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