The city of Bell hasn't been the only local government paying some of its employees handsomely. It turns out that some Los Angeles County workers make nearly Bell-level incomes, often because they take in beaucoup overtime bucks or “other earnings.”

LA Weekly obtained a county document that lists employees — a whopping 217 in all — that took in $250,000 or more in 2009. It shows that a sheriff's “commander,” whose name is redacted in the interest of security, tops the list with $440,915.61 in income last year. Although overtime pay is not specifically listed, “other earnings” were stated to be worth $250,844.64 — more than the commander's base salary of $190,070.97. But wait, there's more:

Many of the top earners of your county tax dollars are medical doctors. The county's second-highest breadwinner is Elaine C. Yang, a senior physician at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center who took home $430,909.32, including $91,137.21 in overtime and $59,146.13 in “other earnings.”

Number three? Christine H. Holschneider, a chief physician at Olive View Hospital. Her take: $423,533.89, including more than $55,000 in other earnings.

Coming it at number four is Gail Anderson, Jr., a medical director at Harbor-UCLA. She made 421,648.65, includingf more than $56,000 in other earnings.

And number five is John S. McDonald, a chief physician at Harbor-UCLA. His county income was $413,807.18, including more than $52,000 in other earnings.

We planned to cut it off at the top five, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention number six, a figure known to the media and one who has been open about his pay in the past: County CEO William T. Fujioka, who took home $403,140.60, including more than $64,000 in other earnings.

One more interesting one: A person whose name was redacted is listed as an “unclassified” District Attorney's office employee who made $345,587.02.

Most of the D.A.'s, sheriff's and fire department employees who made the list, n fact, had their names redacted.

LA Weekly