As I've reported at my personal blog Intersections, emos are under attack in Mexico. Here are a few good primary sources to better understand what's happening.

In Mexico, emo culture is a butt of many jokes. It is either despised intensely or generally ignored. But it's only the despising sentiment that lately has been getting wide airply. In the above clip, a Televisa on-air personality named Kristoff expresses a serious dose of anti-emo rhetoric and switches to English to say, on network television, “Fucking bullshit” to the emo movement. Some emos I've interviewed point to the Kristoff clip as a defining provocation of the current wave of anti-emo violence. Now check out this clip from another Televisa program where three emos are interviewed about the attacks. At the end, the kid on the left asks if he can say more thing: he directly accuses Kristoff of spreading anti-emo hate.

At, a user named Harry24 posts a lengthy analysis of the anti-emo phenomenon, suggesting that it's part of a government conspiracy to divide the populace. Stay with me here. According to the respected left-leaning daily La Jornada, this is in fact not a far-fetched delusion by a small fringe of online crazies. As linked at Intersections, La Jornada flat-out goes and says it, quoting a professor at the UNAM who says the violence is a “reflection” of the social tensions dredged up by the 2006 electoral crisis. (If you don't read Spanish, Google's translation function is a useful tool to generate a nominally comprehensible version in English.)

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