Thanks to Billy Vasquez, also known as The 99 Cent Chef, for finding a way to combine two of L.A.'s current obsessions — Pink's Hot Dogs and Gustavo Dudamel — into one neat hybrid, happily scored to Gershwin for good measure. Vasquez, who does post-production effects for film, tv and commericials when he's not blogging about cheap food from his favorite chain store, has been running The 99 Cent Chef for about 2 1/2 years, during which time he's put together some 100 recipes and 70 videos, the latest being this video featuring the Venezuelan conductor and newly minted music director of the L.A. Phil and arguably L.A.'s favorite hot dog stand.

Thank Vasquez' mother-in-law, who got her family tickets to see Dudamel at the Bowl, for the inspiration. “I remembered a sign for “The Dude” at Pinks Hot Dogs,” Vasquez emailed when we asked him about it. “It was specifically created for Gustavo; they also have a Martha Stewart Dog. Gershwin was that night's program. The whole thing fit into my August Hot Dog Month theme.”

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