Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck) is kind of like the Ozzy Osbourne of the kitchen. Okay, so he's not cooking bats' heads, at least not yet. But Blumenthal has been upping the weird factor lately. On his television Christmas special this year, the chef will be serving up whale vomit, also known as ambergris. “Pound for pound, ambergris is more expensive than gold,” says Blumenthal, who will also be serving “dormouse bottom” and flavored snow. Ambergris, which is used to make perfume, can cost up to £10,000 per kilo. Previously, Blumenthal has also made Amphibian Blancmange and Fruity Bulls' Balls, among many other dishes, on his show on Britain's Channel 4.

Blumenthal, who has a reputation for odd food experiments, also made the news lately when he announced he would construct a woodwind instrument for musician Matthew Herbert from the bones of a pig for Herbert's next album, One Pig. The project will chart the life of the pig before it's ultimately cooked by Blumenthal and served as part of a banquet. Farm to Table to Recording Studio.

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