Like any great metropolis, L.A. is full of differing perspectives. First, there are the die-hard Angelenos for whom Los Angeles is the greatest city in America. Then there are those East Coast transplants who mope around town looking like refugees from the Lower East Side, cursing their cars, and pining for The City. To them, the only good thing about L.A. is the weather. And then there are those of us who have lived in both cities, loved both cities, and who now prefer Los Angeles. But to us, NYC still bests L.A. in two major categories: public transportation and weekend brunch.

Our public transportation system may never rival that of New York, but The Misfit in Santa Monica plans to reconfigure the way we do brunch as early as this weekend, thanks in part to the introduction of $12 bottomless mimosas.

Starting tomorrow, June 25th, The Misfit will also add six new weekend brunch items to its menu — all priced at $13 or less. And for the first six weeks, if you buy one brunch entrée, you'll get the second one for $3.

Of course, what really sets a New York brunch above the rest is the booze. Hence the $12 bottomless mimosas — a brunch special The Misfit plans to offer every weekend between noon and 4 p.m., from now until eternity, or until they can't afford to do it any longer. How's that for a cheap hangover date? Now if only you could take the F Train to Santa Monica.

LA Weekly