An astute reader has just sent us a link to this Scientology page, which seems to add further evidence to the assertion that the non-profit organization to be the beneficiary of the $35 cover to tonight's Beck show at the Echo, Educating Children International, is indeed affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

No word on whether Scientology gets a cut of the bar, too.

UPDATE: Here is a link to a Church of Scientology-funded group called Educating Children. Have we found our charity?

UPDATE #2: It seems that Beck, or whoever designed the flyer accompanying last night's show, perhaps merely got the URL wrong: if you go to rather than, you get a page for an international education organization. There is no indication that this is a Scientology-related organization, though some commenters have confirmed that the non-profit is affiliated with the Church.

The LA Times Pop & Hiss blog did confirm with the Church of Scientology that Educating Children International is indeed one of its charity groups.

And, for the record, there was no prosthelytizing of any sort at last night's show, according to someone who was there. Nor was there any info booth or anything indicating the show was affiliated with any sort of non-profit.

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