Houses are not getting any cheaper. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, between 2017 to 2022, the cost to rent a home increased by 21% in the West, 20% in the South, 12% in the Northeast, and 18% in the Midwest. Fortunately, there are still cities in the country that remain affordable to many. The most affordable cities that are listed are a bargain to live in because not only are they relatively cheaper than other cities, but they’re also scenic and have easy access to many attractions.

Here are a few.

A List of the Most Affordable Cities in the USA

1. Columbia, South Carolina

The capital city of South Carolina has a median home price of $300,000 and the forecasted combined sales and price change for 2023 is only +11.3%. Despite the small-town look and feel of Columbia, it’s a fast-growing city that not only offers affordable housing, but also has friendly residents and a budding art scene. Moreover, according to Forbes, Columbia ranks 86 out of 200 cities when it comes to the best cities to start or improve your business or career. The city also often pays homage to their Irish influence — St. Patrick’s Day there is as festive as you’d imagine it to be!

2. Grand Rapids-Wyoming, Michigan

Grand Rapids may be another city that’s gearing toward urbanization, but the cost of purchasing a house there remains affordable. With an average median home of $358,000 and a forecasted 2023 combined sales and price change of +11.6%, this West Michigan city can be a place for those who wish to start a family — or retire. It’s a city that’s practically for everyone. The economy of the city is also a stable one. According to the United States Federal Reserve, the average unemployment rate of Grand Rapids is only 3.70%.

3. Buffalo-Cheektowaga, New York

Buffalo is a city that’s known for many things — such as its residents’ love for art (as there are over 50 private art galleries in the city) and the impressive number of parks located here. Hence, why the city has the nickname “City of Trees.” But what not many know is how affordable it is to live in Buffalo. Currently, the average median home in the city is only $240,000 but it’s expected to have a combined price and sales change of +12.3%. Another perk of living here is there’s a General Mills plant in Downtown Buffalo — and residents say that the city has a smell of breakfast cereals!

4. Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester is also called “The Heart of the Commonwealth” because of its accessibility — as it’s located at the center of the state of Massachusetts. Though living in city centers can cost more, Worcester remains relatively affordable with a median home price of $447,000 and a forecasted price and sales change of +13.1%. Worcester has residents of diverse backgrounds and cultures. There’s also no shortage of restaurants, schools, and businesses.

5. El Paso, Texas

Living in The Sun City is ideal for those who wish to experience warm weather, the southern charm of their neighbors, and the affordable cost of living in Texas. The median home price of El Paso houses is $291,000 — with an expected sales and price change of +14.3%. Additionally, El Paso has a low crime rate and it offers several outdoor activities for individuals and families to try. Such as strolling in the park, rock climbing, hiking, and trail biking. The city also takes education seriously — and there are a couple of schools in the city that are ranked as one of the best high schools in the country by US News & World Report.


Buying or renting a home or apartment may seem difficult to afford these days. But some cities in the country remain economical — for those who wish to relocate, start a family, or retire. If you wish to do one of those, you can look into a few of the most affordable cities and see which town you want to consider calling your new “home.”

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